12.26. Once the grant agreement is signed by the Commonwealth, the payment is made the next day available for grants after the grant begins. 12.29. We are aware that unexpected events can influence the progress of a project. Under these conditions, you can request a change to your grant agreement, including: 14.2. They must submit reports in accordance with the grant agreement. Reports must be transmitted through RMS, unless we have reported otherwise. 12.5. You must list the contributions of each organization in the resulting contractual agreements between your organization and other organizations. e. Ensure that your application is submitted in accordance with these grant guidelines, the grant agreement, the instructions for applicants and the application form. They can only apply if he and the participants are eligible for the grant, in accordance with these guidelines. 14.13.

We may visit you during or after the completion of your project to verify your compliance with the grant agreement. We can also view the records you must keep under the grant guidelines and the grant agreement. We will inform you of each compliance visit in an appropriate manner. Research, Innovation and Marketing (RIC) is tasked by Dr. Graham Steed to review ARC Linkage proposals to improve application competitiveness. Enter responses to A4, A6 and project description in Part D in a Microsoft Word or pdf document. Applicants must send their draft responses by email to ric-arclinkage@unimelb.edu.au. Alternatively, candidates can send a pdf of the full RMS proposal via email.

agreement reached by the CRA and an administrative organization when a grant application is approved by that organization. Previously, it was called a “funding agreement.” a. Evaluators, csa and other Commonwealth staff and contractors to help us effectively manage the program and in accordance with any other provision of these grant guidelines or a subsequent grant agreement; 12.34. An amendment must be approved by us in order to be a valid part of the grant agreement. We will apply based on factors such as: 12.22. Payments are made in accordance with the grant agreement. 12.9. We will apply for grants and terminate the project if you do not meet the obligations under the grant agreement. 12.7.

If you enter into an agreement for a liaison grant, you cannot receive additional grants for the same budgeted grant activities from other Commonwealth grant programs. 5.5. If this is conclusive, you can only spend grants for eligible activities, as defined in section 7 of this directive and the details of the grant in your grant agreement. 12.23. The grant offer indicates the amount approved for this project or, as we do, according to the grant agreement. d. all the specific conditions to be included in the grant agreement; and we enter into a grant agreement with you via RMS. 12.31. If you wish to propose amendments to the grant agreement, you must present us with an amendment to the grant agreement (Variation) in RMS. and the award-winning projects now have six months to sign their third-party contracts. The date on which a grant agreement is signed or a date of start indicated. an application to the RMS CRA for an amendment to the grant agreement.