One of the questions we often ask when we talk to potential sellers of homes over the age of 55 in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties is how property tax transfer works. When a right is filed after the three-year period expires, the appeal is granted from the calendar year in which the right was filed. I sent my request to transfer the tax base from Orange County to Los Angeles County nine months ago. I know they received the request because once, in ten calls, I received someone who said that he had been assigned to a person. I was given that person`s name and phone number. I tried to call that person and send him on the phone to call me. No reminder. I caught another person who said I was going to call these two people who are aware of the transfers. I left many messages that identify my car and parcel number, and no reminder. It is after 10 months, and soon my next property tax will be due. What a failure of the government function.

I`m 71 years old and I live in Santa Cruz County. I`ve been living here for 40 years. We plan to move to Calaveras County, I can transfer my property taxes you buy a house in the 80s for 300,000. Their property tax base is, on this date, about 4000.00 per year. The same house is worth $1,000, 000. Their taxes are still in the mark of 4000.00 euros per year (this is an estimate according to the prop 13 it will increase a modest amount each year). If you sell your home for a million dollars, you can buy something for the same value or owner and KEEP your 4000.00 annual taxes! Is that cool for the over 55-year-old girl? (Certainly, unless you buy a very small apartment, it is almost impossible to find a house in Contra Costa that would sell for 300,000).) Be sure to read the process carefully on the tax assessment site and call it if necessary, as you don`t want to make a mistake and lose that important advantage. Proposition 90 is known as the “local option” law.

California costs have a choice between participating or not. If a county proposal has introduced 90, it means that it accepts property tax transfers from another California county. Even if the county whose owner of more than 55 people moves does not have a 90 rule, it is normal that the owner of the house is still eligible in the county of Prop 90 in which he moves. Counties with an asterisk – previously had a regulation on Proposition 90 and then repealed it. All the other counties cited in Table II have never had a regulation on Proposition 90. Despite the recent decline in real estate values, many long-term homeowners would face a significant increase in property taxes, even if they bought a smaller home. Q:Brad N. asks: “I`m 64 years old. I am buying a more expensive home in San Francisco and would like to know if I can transfer my property tax to the San Francisco home.¬†Important information for seniors thinking about moving. I can`t tell you how many times I`ve been called by the over 55s in the hope of transferring their tax base from another county to Contra Costa.

Unfortunately, Contra Costa picked up in the early 1990s proposal 90 and he has since died (and see below, he almost saw a second life, but was shot again.) Prop 90 still lives in eight California counties. El Dorado, Alameda, Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, Santa Clara, San Mateo, Ventura). Apart from that, Proposition 60 to Contra Costa is a state law and exists in Contra Costa to do the same, but for those who are already moving to Contra Costa within Contra Costa.