Q. How does a Divorce Financial Analyst help?

A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst understands that divorce is very difficult even when both parties agree. The division of assets – house, all property, money, retirement funds, everything that has worth – is one of the most difficult issues that must be decided. Not only are current worth and tax consequences important, but future worth and future tax consequences must be calculated as well.

A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst specializes in the financial issues of the division marital assets. They work with divorcing clients by showing long-term consequences of any suggested settlement proposal. As a result, both parties know what to expect and can rebuild their lives on reasonable financial information and planning.

Q. Does a Certified Divorce Analyst replace an attorney?

No, couples still need lawyers to dissolve their marriage contract. Rather than address your legal situation, a divorce financial analyst will assist you with finances.

Q. What is an Enrolled Agent?

An Enrolled Agent is an individual who has demonstrated technical competence in the field of taxation. The term “Enrolled”, means the individual, is licensed by the federal government. The term “Agent”, means the individual, is authorized to appear in place of the taxpayer at the Internal Revenue Service. Only Enrolled Agents (EAs), attorneys, and Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) may represent taxpayers before the IRS at all administrative levels