These terms of reference (“recommendation conditions”) define the legally binding conditions for the transfer of potential insurance customers to Kin Insurance, Inc. (the “company,” “we,” “our” or “our”) by you (“you” or “recommendation partners”) under the terms of this section. If you are a licensed insurance broker, please contact us for our insurance brokerage referral contract. If you are considering a recommendation agreement, there are important clauses to consider, including: A recommended insurance contract exists between a company that sells insurance and a related company that is able to produce customers for a fee. The most common form of insurance recommendations is through online marketing, where users are tracked via cookies and personalized links. An affiliate is usually paid a combination of leads, in the form of online registrations, and if an evicted user converts and buys the insurance then the affiliate is liable for a surcharge. 8. Compensation. Subject to the conditions set out in it, The referral Partner (the “compensatory party”) releases the injury obligation and defends the company and its senior executives, directors, employees, agents, affiliates, successors and authorized beneficiaries of the assignment (collectively “destitute party”) against all losses, damages, liabilities, defects, claims, deeds, judgments, transactions, interest, distinctions, penalties, fines, fees or expenses of any kind , including legal fees, as well as costs and expenses related to the application of a right of compensation in accordance with these terms of recommendation and the costs of suing insurance providers (b) that a representative, staff member or representative of the recommendation partner owes commissions or other payments (other than referral fees) to a representative , a staff member or a representative of the recommendation partner; (c) any non-compliance with the laws of the compensated party; (d) any violation of the terms of reference. Providing advice to other businesses is a great way to support your customers and earn referral fees, and it`s a very common way for companies to get other companies to make recommendations. If you want to make recommendations and make sure you get paid, you should consider implementing a recommendation agreement. The recommendation agreement will address key mechanisms in the referral process and transfer fees. It also gives you legal rights to examine the other party and strip yourself of any responsibility regarding the quality of the recommendation and the services and products that the client buys from the insurance broker.

If you need help drafting a referral contract, contact LegalVision`s contract attorneys on 1300 544 755 or fill out the form on this page. 3. The recommendation partner agrees that, when it fulfils its obligations under these conditions of recommendation, it will comply with (a) all applicable laws, rules and rules (including, but not limited to, any of the above provisions relating to the use of false, misleading, substantively inaccurate, defamatory or otherwise misleading language or service in connection with this inserealization). , (b) follow all company guidelines and matters and (c) for sale, waive invitation or hearing. 2. For any new potential customer (see below) who presents his genuine and good faith personal and heritage information with a view to requiring an offer to purchase insurance products for such real estate on the website and who is (a) owner of such property or (b) has a real intention and ability to acquire such property in the near future (a request for “submission”). which comes from the single recommendation link or the recommendation partner code assigned to it by the company, and that the company is able to provide the offer within thirty (30) days from the date on which a potential insurance customer